The Answers You Need

How many pounds can I lose if I buy your 10 session Body Sculpting package?

The first pounds you lose consist of stagnant water with toxins. If you use the machines 3 times per week for one month, you can lose up to 4 pounds. But, truth be told, it depends.
It depends on many factors, including how balanced your diet is, the level of your body metabolism, the level of your other daily physical activities, the level of stress in your life, etc. We can’t solve all the problems in your life, but we can help you to move toward your better self. The package includes using unique equipment to eliminate lack of exercise, and to increase the level of metabolism in your body, to help to remove toxins from your body and to help you cope with stress. In other words, we are positive that our approach works, and we promise to help you with our knowledge and expertise, but the rest depends on you and your commitment level.

I see bruises. What has happened to my body?

Restoring connective tissue (fascia) can mean bruises; not always, and not everyone gets them. It might sound bizarre, but it is completely normal. Bruising is part of the healing process. While massaging, one is smoothing out fascial adhesions; it is like pulling two pieces of duct tape apart. There is going to be some bruising that comes with the restoration of tissue. It is a sign that one has finally separated the sticky layers of connective tissue. Blood goes to the area for its healing.

Where can I park my car?

We recommend you use the 2-hour free parking along Winter Street or Summer Street.
But there is more space, which you could use for parking, around 1029 Chestnut St.

Do I need to bring something to use your services?

In case you order one of our body sculpting services, we highly recommend you to bring appropriate workout clothes. We have everything for using the infrared sauna: towels, wraps, slippers, a shower cabin, shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, a hair blower.

Are there any contraindications to use your Body Sculpting equipment?

Surface or deep inflammation of the veins in the lower limbs at any time in the client’s medical history
· Tumor at any time in the client’s medical history
· Heart attack or stroke at any time in the client’s medical history
· Lymphedema of lower limbs
· Hepatic cirrhosis
· Any inflammatory illness
· Diabetes
· High blood pressure – decompensated (possible if high blood pressure compensated for with medication)
· Chronic venous insufficiency
 I. stage – Venectasia – RECOMMENDED
II. stage – Varicose veins – NOT RECOMMENDED, depends upon the extent – necessary consultation with a physician
III. stage – Hyperpigmentation, eczematous dermatitis – FORBIDDEN
IV. stage – Varicose ulcers – FORBIDDEN
Anytime in the medical history. Where necessary consult your local GP.